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Brian Elder Roofing has been repairing and installing commercial roofs for decades and our highly qualified team is experienced in multiple applications of industrial and commercial roofing materials. With our decades of roofing experience, we have gained the technical knowledge and hands on experience to install and repair commercial roofing on all types of commercial buildings. If your project involves a large flat, low slope surface, or a combination of low slope and steep grade then you can count on Brian Elder Roofing to do the job right!.

In comparison to residential roofing, repairing a commercial roof is a very large task and there are a variety of options to best repair an upper exterior surface on a commercial building.

Commercial Roofing MemphisWhen it comes to commercial repair, the difference between a flat roof versus an angled covering comes down to preference. Both roofing styles will require timely maintenance to repair. A lot of preparation is required for cleaning flat surfaces that are smooth. If there is wet insulation under the membrane then the wet insulation will have to be removed and replaced. If there is any damage to the beams or structure then this will have to be fixed as well. Once this is finished, a new surface is installed totally replacing the previous surface.

If only a few specific areas need attention then the best process is cutting out the old sections and replacing them with new layers and coating. Elastomeric coatings are used for the superior expansion characteristics in climates with warmer temperatures. Overall, commercial roof repair for a flat surface is done similarly to any other flat roof that is not a commercial roof.

Commercial Roofing MemphisA TPO commercial roof repair changes depending on the age of the surface-requiring repair. A TPO covering has membranes that are affected by weathering and age under the stress of sun, wind, and rain. These roofs are repaired using a heat welding process where you scuff up the surface, prime it with a primer and then use an industrial strength sealant to replace old material with the new material.

Have your commercial roof repair completed by the roofing experts at Brian Elder Roofing. Roofing is critical and requires a high skill set with experience and when it comes to commercial roofing, no one is better qualified than Brian Elder Roofing.

Commercial Roofing MemphisCommercial roof repair can be a very large job, covering up to several acres of area. Dealing with large numbers is a basic difference between commercial roof repair and residential home roof repair. Different materials are used because the aesthetic value of a commercial roof is less than a residential one. All in all, commercial roof repair is an ongoing task every business should have completed regularly.

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