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Do I Need a New Roof

Overtime roofs are worn down and require repair as they are exposed to weather related elements 24 hours a day year round. Eventually every roof in Memphis needs to be replaced. Typically, your roof in Memphis will wear uniformly and after many years will need to be replaced by a professional roofing contractor.

Weather and the sun are the biggest enemies of your roof. Excessive loss of protective mineral granules, cracked, curled, or missing shingles are all signs of roof damage caused by weather elements and if you find your roof shows any of these signs, you should contact us immediately to have one of our expert roofers come to inspect your property to avoid costly repairs down the road. If you think your roof shows signs of weathering, please verify with binoculars from the ground and avoid walking on your roof as it is extremely dangerous and should only be performed by professional roofing contractors.

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