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Memphis Commercial Roofing Repair and Replacement

commercial or office building

Commercial roofing repair and replacement in Memphis and the MidSouth areas.

Repairing or replacing  a commercial roof is an extensive job. Commercial roofing requires installers that are familiar with air flow systems and external piping. A typical commercial roof has factors to consider in roofing repair or replacement such as, low slop, or a surface that is entirely flat. Flat top roofs sometimes require more maintenance and involve larger sections. Many commercial roofing also houses heavy equipment that has to be navigated during the repair or replacement.

Brian Elder Roofing uses quality materials and has properly installed hundreds of commercial roofs in the Midsouth. We determine the best options with a high-quality roofing system for each commercial structure we install, repair, or replace. We have an excellent reputation with skilled roofing technicians for your commercial roofing project.

For your commercial roofing needs Brian Elder Roofing has provided commercial roofing repair and replacement for over a decade.  Call 901-867-0303. 

Commercial Roofing Services

Roofing Inspection A roof inspector will be looking for leaks, unusual wear and tear, damage caused by windblown debris, organic growth issues, and problems that may have occurred during shingle installation or subsequent repairs.

Preventative Maintenance Remove all debris. Debris such as loose gravel, dirt, leaves, and twigs should be removed. Clear drains. Inspect the roof surface. Inspect roof penetrations. Evaluate rooftop perimeter. Inspect the sealant. Prevent leaks before they start.

Roof Repair – Brian Elder Roofing ensures that our technicians have the knowledge and training necessary to repair common repairs on commercial roof issues. Common commercial roof issues are flashing, ponding water, drains and gutter flow, or cracks or tears in the membrane. 

Roof Replacement – There are a number of signs that will indicate a commercial roof will need complete replacement. Factors such as storm damage, age, and design of the structure play a role in determining if you need a complete replacement. 

NEW! Mule-Hide TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin)

A new commercial roofing material is available, and we are proud to offer our commercial roofing customers Mule-Hide TPO which is a thermoplastic polyolefin roofing membrane. The TPO roofing membrane is famous for its superior strength against weather elements. It is one of the thickest piles in the roofing industry, with more products on the scrim, exactly where you need it most. A few other benefits of the Mule-Tide TPO are that it is Energy Star-listed and CRRC-rated. 

What is a TPO Roofing Membrane? 

TPO, or thermoplastic polyolefin, is a roofing system consisting of a single layer of synthetics and reinforcing scrim designed to cover flat roofs. The reinforced membranes offer watertight integrity that will last for years. TPO has multiple sizes to choose from with a variety of sizes and widths of 10, 12, or 20 feet wide. 

The membrane is comparable to rubber, yet the seams are welded to form a continuous membrane. You can also opt for using solvents rather than heat on the lap seam without losing any strength.  

Previously commercial flat roofing materials consisted of gravel and asphalt roofs. This innovative roofing system is far superior in the following ways: 

    • During gravel and asphalt roofing installation, creating the proper seal at the connection points and seams was more challenging. This required more maintenance issues. 

    • Newer generation materials like membrane systems eliminate leakage concerns associated with a flat roofing system if installed correctly. 

    • Repairs needed for gravel and asphalt roofs were complex because roofers found finding the leak problematic. Now, it is easy to find the exact point of the leak. 

    • The newer systems can be repaired by simply patching over the leakage outage point. 

    Mule Hide Products logo.

    Why Was Gravel and Asphalt So Widely Used in Commercial Roofing Jobs? 

    At one time, asphalt roofing had to have a layer of gravel above it. The reasons are that when the asphalt is exposed to the sun, it will begin to disintegrate due to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Another reason is that asphalt needs weight on top of it, or it will be loose. Gravel acted to compact it. 

    How Roofing Membranes are Different from Asphalt and Gravel Roofing. 

    These new types of roofing membranes each have materials that can resist contraction and expansion from cold winters and hot summers. Memphis weather has both extreme heat and extreme cold. TPO also reflects most of the sun’s UV rays. The strong seams keep leaks from creating as well. 

    Benefits of Mule-Hide TPO for Commercial Roofing Replacement 

    Versatile: The roofing system is a flexible solution for most commercial buildings, and you can choose between the colors black, gray, and white for a more aesthetically appealing look. 

    Low Maintenance: You would think you would have to worry about mold, tears, or punctures as you do with other roofing materials, but that is not the case with the TPO roofing system. 

    Cost Effective: Another reason these roofing membranes are so popular is because they are so energy efficient. The roofing material was designed to be reflective. They are more economically advantageous than any other roofing option. 

    What Our Customers Say

    I have to say the roof looks amazing!

    I came home from work today to a new roof! Roofers were done with install and in the process of cleaning up. I have to say the roof looks amazing! – Rick

    …very knowledgeable and professional.

    Brian Elder Roofing provided an extremely speedy, professional job roofing my home and the representative (Timothy) and all the workers were very knowledgeable and professional. The cleanup afterwards was perfect and spotless – John B

    …Easy to deal with, fast, efficient

    Easy to deal with, fast, efficient, and did a quality job. Barely even knew they were here. It was like a wind just blew through and left a new roof. – Mark J

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