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What Type of Residential Roofing Warranty Do I Need?

It’s simple. Why would you not want to cover the one of the most expensive investments for you and your family? All homes have a roof. In addition to the obvious, roofing can be a major part of the architectural appearance of your home. A roof also protects your family and possessions from elements during severe weather events, such as hailstorms, heavy snow, torrential downpour, and the blazing hot sun.

Regardless of the value of the roof you choose, an important element in new home construction or existing home roofing replacement is what type of warranty comes with your new roof. There are many types of warranties being offered, and it is quite easy to make the wrong decision and end up with a warranty that is not the best fit for your structure or long-term budget. Here are a few things you may want to consider before choosing your residential or commercial roofing contractor. The warranty will cover your largest investment.

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Warranties Can Cover Materials and the Labor Used On Your Roof.

Two common types of roofing warranties are materials-only and materials plus labor. The materials-only warranty covers only the materials supplied by the manufacturer of the shingles that were used on your home. Manufactures of shingles cover defects in the shingle manufacturing process that has caused or can lead to damage. This type of warranty does not cover anything related to the installation or workmanship. Purchasing roofing materials is one thing, but without highly skilled roofing contractors your installation process can lead to failure if not done properly. A material-only warranty will not cover items such as leaks in the ceiling and interior walls.

Material plus labor warranties include coverage not only for the roofing shingles on your home, but the workmanship that was used to install your roof. Material and labor warranties are only valid if the installation was done by a licensed roofing repair, replacement, and installation contractor. Defective shingles from the manufacturer would be covered under this type of warranty to not only replace the shingles and materials used, but also pays for the labor to cover the job.

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What is Replacement Cost Coverage?

Replacement cost is a term used by insurance companies meaning the method by which they calculate the value of the insured property. A common term in property insurance, replacement coverage refers to the primary value of your home. This calculation from the underwriters of the insurance company determines the amount your insurer will pay you to cover the loss. Insurance companies also have costs to consider.

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How Many Years Should My Warranty Cover?

Most roofing system warranties have a specific time of coverage. Will your warranty cover your family if you plan on living in your home for the rest of your life? Is the warranty something you can pass on to a new owner if you should decide to sell your home? Ask your licensed and bonded roofing contractor to explain and show you in writing the exclusions of your warranty. 

Roofing warranties can have dramatic differences. Platinum Preferred by Owens Corning is one of the top warranties available and is only available to a select few residential roofing companies in North Mississippi and West Tennessee. Brian Elder Roofing is proud to be one the select five in our region.

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