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Don’t Delay Repairing Your Commercial Roof Leak

At Brian Elder Roofing, we understand that running a business keeps you busy. When your commercial building starts to leak, getting it fixed might be one of the least of your priorities. Yet it would be best if you considered checking “fix the roof” off your to-do list sooner than later, or you could have extensive and expensive problems on your hands. After all, a commercial roof leak can impact customers, your employees, and your inventory. When you notice the signs of a leak, you need to act fast to minimize as much damage as possible. Here are a few examples of things that can go wrong if you do not act fast.

  1. Mildew or Mold Growth – Since your roof is larger than a residential space, you may not realize right away that the roof is letting water in, and before you know it, you could have mold or mildew sprouting.  The mold will look like a black stain on the ceiling or walls. Depending on the location of the mold, it can get into the HVAC system and spread throughout the building. Any sign of mold must be treated as soon as it is spotted.
  2. Decrease in Energy Efficiency – Hopefully, if you have a leak, it will not affect your insulation system, but if it does, it will cause it to stop working efficiently. This means you will lose precious cool or warm air causing your utility bill to increase drastically.
  3. Rotting Wood – Just like the framing of a house, many commercial buildings are framed in wood. The wood absorbs the moisture, causing it to contract and expand until it eventually buckles and rots. If this level of damage happens, the repair will not be cheap or fast.
  4. Electrical Issues – A lot of electrical wiring runs through your commercial property. The wiring is cased in a moisture-resistant coating. Yet, over time the coatings can become brittle and start to crack, exposing the wires. This could cause the wet wires to short out. If the wires continue to short out, they can throw sparks, and then you have the potential for fire. Also, water and electricity together are what cause electrocution. We are positive you want to avoid that! 

These are just a few examples of what could happen if you do not fix a leak promptly. If you currently have a leak at your commercial property, contact Brian Elder Roofing today. Taking care of your leak will save you money in the long run, and we assure you we will give you a fair price for our service and leave your roof looking better than it looked before your leak. When you have been in the business for over a decade and know the proper steps to ensure your roof is back and better than ever before, you know it! Call to schedule your estimate today at (901) 867-0303.

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