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3 Roof-Related Questions to Ask Before You Buy a House 

If you are in the process of or considering buying a new home, there are many things to consider. Unfortunately, some homeowners forget to ask about important things, like the roof, until it is too late, and they are already in a contract. The roof of your potential new home should be one of the main things you find as much information about as possible. If you have a damaged roof, it could cost you thousands to repair in the future. 

At Brian Elder Roofing, we are here for all your roofing needs, whether it is maintenance or installing a completely new roof, but we also think it is essential to share our roofing knowledge with our customers. Therefore, we have put together the following questions we believe every potential homeowner should ask about the roof before buying a home. 

  1. How old is the roof?  

It is typical for a roof to last from 15 to 50 years depending on upkeep, materials used, and quality of the initial installation. If the roof is getting older, you will want to examine your budget to determine if you can afford to replace it in a few years. On the other hand, if a new roof were just installed, this would save you a lot of money on repairs, and you would only need yearly maintenance. 

  1. What type of roof is it? 

Many different roofing types and materials are on the market today, and not all of them last as long as others. The styles include architectural shingles, traditional shingles, rubber shingles, and even stone-coated steel roofing, to name a few. Since the different roof styles respond differently to the elements, your average traditional shingles typically only last 15-20 years, whereas a steel roof can last a lifetime. 

  1. Are the attic and walls insulated well? 

Well-insulated walls and attic spaces increase the home’s value, especially in areas like Memphis, where we have sweltering summers and freezing winters. You need to look closely at the roof and insulation in any home you consider buying. If the roof is not adequately insulated, it could cause many problems, including: 

  • Drafty rooms 
  • Frozen pipes 
  • Condensation and moisture problems throughout the house 
  • Leaks causing water damage 
  • Mold from the water damage 
  • Poor ventilation 
  • Ice dams on the roof 

At Brian Elder Roofing, we understand that buying a home is not something to rush. It is an enormous investment and asking these specific questions could save you a lot of money. Once you have bought your home, if you end up needing any repairs or maintenance, you can contact Brian Elder at (901) 867-0303. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured roofing company that has proudly served the mid-south for over a decade. 

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