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Roofing Storm Damage

Brian Elder Roofing

Depending on the shingles used, many roofs will last 30 years or more. However, there are countless things that can harm your roof, requiring extensive repairs. Severe damage may even require you to have roofing replacement long before your roofing warranty expires.  

Storm damage is the most common reason you will have to spend money on roofing repair or replacement. We have compiled a list of roofing storm damage items that should be checked after the storm. This information will be helpful when you find yourself dealing with roofing storm damage.  

Types of Roof Storm Damage 


Depending on the ferocity of the wind, whether they are hurricane-force winds or gale force winds plan look for shingles that have been removed exposing the roof. The slower gale force winds can also leave visible damage to the roof or curl up the shingles leaving the roof vulnerable to wind driven rain. 


Hailstorms rarely last longer than fifteen minutes. During that time, they can do tremendous damage. The larger hailstones can cause visible damage and possible holes in your roof. Severe thunderstorms can remove your shingles or loosen your shingle granules, requiring immediate roof repair. 

Standing Water 

After the storm when you have visually checked your roof from the ground, do you notice standing water? Will the water have proper drainage? The issue of standing water after a rainstorm is common in roofs that do not have proper drainage. Make sure all of your gutters are not clogged. If your gutters ae clogged with storm debris, the water is not able to run of the roof and will eventually cause a leak. 


Once the storm has passed, you should call in a professional to remove any debris off the roof as quickly as possible. Anything from small tree branches to larger limbs could be resting on your roof and the buildup could eventually cause the roof to cave in.  

Visual Inspection After the Storm 

After a visual inspection of your roof and you notice storm damage or even shingles lying in your yard, it is time to call the professionals at Brian Elder Roofing. They are here 24/7 for roofing repair and replacement. They have been in the business for over a decade now and know how to fix any storm related issues, the moment they arise. You can contact them at (901) 867-0303. 

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