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How Long Do Asphalt Shingles Last?

Brian Elder Roofing

Your roof is the most significant investment next to the actual acquisition of your home. It is essential that you understand the longevity of shingles when deciding which shingles to choose for your roof. In this area of the United States, you primarily see homes with Asphalt shingles. 

Most asphalt shingles last anywhere from 25-30 years. However, several factors will determine just how long your shingles can last. Since there are three different asphalt shingles, each could last longer than the other. Here is a list of the three types of asphalt shingles. 

Types of Asphalt Shingles 

3-Tab Asphalt Shingles-these shingles must lay flat. Each of the three shingles has a strip with a tab, hence the name. These are the most affordable asphalt shingles, but if there is adequate attic ventilation and proper roof installation, these shingles will last as long as they say, up to 25 years. There is also a 25-year warranty from the manufacturer. 

Dimensional Asphalt Shingles-Many people prefer the look of dimensional asphalt shingles since they simulate the look of a wood shake roof and have a lovely pattern. The cost is about 15% more than the 3-tab shingles. Still, they come with an excellent 30-year warranty. There is an opportunity to register the dimensional asphalt shingle roof with this manufacturer to get an added 50-year non-prorated enhanced warranty. Just as with the 3-Tab shingles, if these shingles are correctly installed, and the attic has proper ventilation, they can last up to 30 years. 

Luxury Asphalt Shingles 

The difference between luxury asphalt shingles and premium shingles is that they are more significant than usual. Their larger look gives the appearance of a slate roof. Of course, due to their exceptionally aesthetically pleasing look, the cost nearly doubles that of the dimensional asphalt shingle. They also come out of the package with a 30-year prorated warranty from the manufacturer, just like the dimensional shingles. You can get a 50-year enhanced warranty. So even though you are paying substantially more for these asphalt shingles, not only do they look incredible, they also should last for 50 years. So, if you are wondering how long do shingles last? The answer seems to be, if taken care of properly, have proper ventilation, and excellent installation, your shingles will last close to 30 years and sometimes even close to 50 years. 

Due to many different variants, the price of shingles fluctuates often. Suppose you are looking for an estimate of just how much your shingles could cost? In that case, it is essential to understand you are not going to be able to get an exact amount. Still, according to a roofing company up north, the way they figure out the cost of shingles is to assume, for example, let us say this random number of $3.68 per square foot for the standard. The price would go up to $4.76 for a mid-range asphalt choice, and then if you choose the deluxe asphalt roofing, $7.50 per square foot would be the average. It is important to note that these are not Brian Elder Roofing prices, merely an example of how they fluctuate between the different asphalt choices. 

When you decide to use Brian Elder Roofing for your roofing needs, we will do our best to make sure you are priced reasonably and that your installation and attic ventilation are handled perfectly. We will honor the warranty every time. Fortunately, with Brian Elder Roofing, you can trust your roof will be installed properly the first time and we will help you get the shingles that look aesthetically correct for your home and provide protection from rain, snow, sun, and wind.  

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