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Why Roofing Prices are Going Up in 2022 

Brian Elder Roofing

At Brian Elder Roofing, we make sure every customer is quoted fairly, yet sometimes our customers do not realize that things are going on behind the scenes and why roofing prices are going up in 2022. Especially right now when we are dealing with inflation and products ordered have been delayed due to all the shipping issues. One of our trademarks is getting an excellent roof repair or a new roof for a great deal with Brian Elder. We are doing all we can to ensure we continue maintaining that reputation by not passing on inflated prices to our customers, but sometimes, there is just no way around it.  

An example would be the current cost of a wafer board. A wafer board is used for sheeting the exterior walls, the roof, and flooring substrates. Waferboards, also called flakeboards, are made from rectangular wood flakes. Each controlled length and thickness bonded by waterproof phenolic resin aids if the roof experiences extreme heat and pressure. You will find this material under your shingles. Currently, 250 sheets are now $7500. Two years ago, 250 sheets would have been $2100. 

Another reason there might be an increase in roofing prices is because other materials like tile and asphalt have increased in price. The most used roofing materials are tile and asphalt. Brian Elder Roofing only uses asphalt roofing because it is the material that works best in our climate. Asphalt is manufactured with concrete, clay, and oil. The rise of oil prices directly correlates with asphalt shingles becoming more costly. Architectural asphalt shingles were about $70 per square, and now they are at $100 or more. 

Labor prices are also contributing to a rise in roofing prices. At Brian Elder, it is important that our team is paid fairly for their experience and skill set and back-breaking work they do up on the roofs daily. Whether it is a commercial job or a residential job, we want them paid a living wage. Again, gas prices rising along with food and other necessities contribute to paying our laborers more. 

We are proud to be Memphis’s #1 Roofing company and take pride in every roofing job we do, big or small. We want to assure our customers that we will continue to do our best to give you the best deals possible, but we want to make sure you understand why you may notice a slight increase in our pricing this year. Our team works diligently to find the best quality products, including Owens Corning asphalt, so that each roofing job is still top quality, which we will continue to deliver. 

If you need any roof repairs or it is time to replace your roof, go with your hometown roofing company, Brian Elder Roofing. We care about our community and want to offer the absolute best quality roofing for the best value to all of you. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate at (901) 867-0303.