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The Dangers of Ice Dams on a Roof

Brian Elder Roofing

Now that we had our first snow, we should keep a close eye on our roof. When ice and snow build up on a roof, you could potentially have an ice dam form up there. Unfortunately, an ice dam could cause major roof damage. 

What is an Ice Dam? 

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at your roof’s edge. This ridge of ice prevents melting snow from draining off the roof. The ridge causes a large puddle of water on your roof. The water from the puddle can leak into your house and cause damage to insulation, ceilings, walls, and other areas. Your worst-case scenario is for the roof to cave in since it can no longer hold the water. You also run the risk of mold forming in your home where the water sits.  

What Causes an Ice Dam? 

When your roof has different temperatures across the roof, ice dams form. When outside temperatures are below freezing, parts of the roof are also below freezing. As the temperature rises, snow begins to melt on some regions of the roof, but not all areas. Perhaps, heat from your home or the angle of the sun are warming areas of your roof faster than other areas. When the snow does start to melt it will flow down the roof till it reaches the ice dam. The dam will grow larger as more snow melts and flows towards the dam. The water backs up behind the dam and forms a puddle as temperatures rise. However, it could take some time to rise high enough to melt the ice dam.  

How Can I Get Rid of an Ice Dam? 

If you have an ice dam, it is crucial that you hire a professional roofer such as Brian Elder Roofing. Roof repair, especially if there is snow and ice on the roof, is extremely dangerous. Once your roofers have assessed the storm damage to your roof and checked to make sure there is no water damage indoors, they will begin to repair the ice dam. The roofers will begin by shoveling off any excess snow from the roof and then steam channels through the ice dam to get it hot enough to melt. The roofer may have to chip away at the ice dam to get it eradicated. Once the ice dam is removed, they will thoroughly check for damage from the puddling water. If they notice any cracks or holes, they will ensure they are repaired, so you are left with your original, damage-free roof. 

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