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Roof covered with Christmas-themed lights.

Holiday Proof Your Roof

Happy holidays from Brian Elder Roofing! During this festive and cheerful time of the year, one thing that adds to the fun is driving around neighborhoods to see the homes whose homeowners have gone all out decorating their roofs and even their lawns with Christmas lights and displays, especially the ones as decked out as Clark Griswold’s home in the movie Christmas Vacation.   

There are also those neighbors that compete to show who has the most Christmas cheer by decorating with lights. In Memphis, there is even a house that has a complete light display set to music. You almost feel sorry for the neighbors since this street inevitably has more traffic during the Christmas season. Yet, surely the neighbors lose any feeling of bah-humbug when they see carloads of excited families grinning from ear to ear! 

We want you to have the prettiest house on the block at Brian Elder Roofing. Still, we also want to ensure you don’t need a new roof once Christmas is over because you were not as careful as you should have been. You can easily accidentally cause damage to your roof or gutters while preparing your Christmas light display. If you would like to ensure your roof is stable enough to handle you on the roof, hanging lights and possibly putting up heavy displays, we are happy to come out and check your roof for any areas with loose shingles or damage you might not have been aware was there.  

We do more than just roof installations and repairs at Brian Elder Roofing. We can also put you on a maintenance plan where we come out annually, biannually, or evenly monthly if that is what you prefer. While we are there, if we notice any shingles missing, areas that pests could have chewed on and caused damage, or any other roof repairs you may need, we will fix any issues. And the price is covered by your maintenance plan. After all, when you inevitably need a new roof, it is likely one of the most significant investments you will make for your home. So, we understand wanting to make sure your roof stays in tip-top shape!  

We can also stop by after Christmas to ensure there was no damage to your roof from your undoubtedly impressive Christmas light display! We hope you all have a lovely holiday season!  

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